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150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi
Gujarat The Renewable Energy Potential

In energy terms Gujarat’s hydel potential is limited and the thermal power plants are dependent on coal hauled from 1500 km away.  Gujarat is one of the forerunning industrial states in the country

planned capacities, and long-term goals reveal a realistic annual growth of 10.5% up to 2020 (see Fig. 1). The resultant installed capacity by 2020 is calculated at 34,861 MW annually generating 198,500 MU of energy.

In environmental terms Gujarat has an inadequate forest cover, serious problems of soil erosion/degradation, water logging and expanding wastelands.  It is plagued by water shortages and sinking water tables, salinity and salt ingression.

On the other hand, Gujarat is rich in renewable energy resources – 300 days of sunshine, Rann of Kachchh where the land is endless and the sun’s heat relentless, good winds along its 1600 km long shoreline, scope for energy plantation in its vast wastelands, waste to energy options that harness bio, agro and industrial–waste. In this scenario, it is certainly in our economic self-interest to employ renewable energy technologies.

Gujarat : The Renewable Energy Potential

Source Resource Energy Generation/Saving Potential
Sun Solar Radiation 300 days
5.6 -6.0 kwh/m­­­­­­­­­­­­2 / day
3 x 1014   kWh
Biomass 24 million tones 900 MW of electric power could be generated to meet energy requirements of almost all villages in Gujarat.
Biogas 200 lakh cattle population
(Dung avaible at 70% collection efficiency)
Could generate 5.6 million cubic meter of biogas per day to cater cooking gas to 2.8 million families or generate electric power equivalent to 933 MW
Biogas Energy
67 lakh hectare wasteland Could yield 67 million tones of Biomass which can sustain power generation to the order of 15000 MW
Wind Coastline and hilly regions 5000  MWe
Tidal Gulf of Kachchh
Gulf of Khambhat
9000 MWe 
9000 MWe


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