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Solar Cooker

Solar Steam Cooking System

Solar Steam Cooking SystemThe Solar Steam Cooking systems developed for community cooking application provide an eco-friendly solution to the increasing energy demand of the community kitchen/cooking. While basic cooking arrangement remains unaltered with energy input energy come from the SUN and so the need for a standby cooking facility does not arise. The solar steam cooking systems are based on the solar energy concentration technology. A number of solar concentrators are employed for forming a system for tapping solar energy for generating steam which can be effectively used for large scale cooking in community kitchens. This cooking system besides parabolic concentrators mainly comprises of central Sun tracking system, steam header pipe, solar energy receivers, system piping for supply of water and steam, MS and Civil supporting structures, Valves and pressure gauges, temperature gauges, cooking vessels etc. The system may be supplied and installed as per the requirements of end user e.g. solar concentrators (5 pairs) of each of 9.5 area would be required for 500 persons cooking system.

Dish Type Solar Cooker (SK-14)

Dish_Type_Solar_Cooker_(SK-14)Dish solar cooker is used for faster outdoor cooking for about 10-15 persons with solar energy. A dish cooker (SK -14 type Solar cooker) with a dish diameter of 1.4 meter is made of single reflector or by joining smaller pieces of reflector, fixed to a rigid frame, when exposed to Sun in the normal direction; a point focus would be formed for cooking food. It consists of bright anodized aluminum sheets of 0.4 mm thick or 3 mm thick glass mirrors, bowl supporting frame, bowl stand, and manual tracking mechanism. Accessories like cap, hand gloves, goggles, manual and 5 ltr capacity ISI marked pressure cooker are also supplied with dish cooker. This cooker may be used for cooking food without any conventional fuel for large families or institutions where food is cooked for 10-15 persons everyday.

Community Solar Cooker (for indoor solar cooking)

Community Solar Cooker (for indoor solar cooking)The community solar cooker is consisting of solar concentrator with minimum 7.0 & 9.5 sq.m aperture area, which is known as primary reflector. The shape of primary reflector is elliptical dish shape. It is made up of multiple pieces of reflecting mirrors supported with a rigid frame/ structure to from “Scheffler” reflector. A mechanical clock type tracking arrangement is provided to keep the dish facing the Sun. The dish is commonly known as “Scheffler” dish, which has been found to be useful for generating heat to cook food for 50 to 75 persons in community kitchens especially at religious places, hostels, ashramshalas, Govt. circuit houses and industrial canteens. Two dishes can be installed for 100 to 150 persons cooking needs. The community solar cooker is to be installed on proper civil structure and as per the actual requirements at site. The secondary reflector is to be installed inside the kitchen for indoor cooking.

Box Type Solar Cooker

Box Type Solar CookerA solar cooker can cook food without any cooking gas or kerosene, electricity, coal or wood. This cooker works with the solar energy, which is available free. A solar cooker can cook two meals per day for four to five persons. Solar Cooker suits very well for the food habits and meal timings of rural households. Solar Cooker can be used for cooking several items like pulses, rice, kheer, khichri, vegetables, cereals, etc. Some special dishes like Muthia, Handva, Patra, Idli, Dhokia, Lapsi, Dudhpak, Pulao and soups can also be cooked. To add to the list, we can bake bread, biscuits, cake and nankhatai, etc. The non-vegetarian items like fish, chicken, meat curry, shahi kababs, etc., which are boiled or roasted can also be prepared in a solar cooker. Solar Cooker cannot be used for making rotis, chapatis, rotla etc. as well as for frying. It can’t cook food for more than 4-5 persons at a time. It is not useful during non-sunny days.

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