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Solar Stills

Solar Stills

Solar still is a device to desalinate impure water like brackish or saline water. It a simple device to get potable/fresh distilled water from impure water, using solar energy as fuel, for its various applications in domestic, industrial and academic sectors.

Solar Still Water

A solar still consist of shallow triangular basin made up of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP). Bottom of the basin is painted black  so as  to absorb solar heat effectively. Top of the basin is  covered with transparent glass tilt fitted so that maximum solar radiation can be transmitted in to the still. Ages of the glass are sealed with the basin using tar tape so that the entire basin becomes air tight. Entire assembly is placed on a structure  made of MS angle. Out let is connected with  a  storage container.  Provision  has been made to fill water  in  the  still basin.  A window is provided in the basin to clean the basin  from inside. Water is charged in to the basin in a thin layer.

Solar Stills have got major advantages over other conventional Distillation / water purification /de-mineralisation   systems    as follows :  

  1. Produces pure  water  
  2. No prime movers required
  3. No conventional energy required
  4. No skilled operator required
  5. Local manufacturing/repairing
  6. Low investment
  7. Can purify highly saline water (even sea water)


Solar  stills  is an useful devise to get fresh/  distilled  water which is required in


Industries for industrial processes
Hospitals and Dispensaries for sterilization
Garages and Automobile Workshop
for radiator  and  battery maintenance
Telephone Exchange for battery maintenance
Laboratory Use for analytic work
Marshy and costal area To get fresh potable  water


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