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A Case Study

A Case Study


Dairy industry in India is developing at faster rate. However rising cost of inputs in dairy industry such as milk, fuel and electricity is one of the major constraints. The milk collection centres cannot be operated in rural areas due to unavailability or lack of electricity. To overcome these difficulties a Solar Photovoltaic Power Generating System can be utilized for providing continuous uninterrupted power and operation of Milk Collection Centres.

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In this direction Shri Bhupendrasinh P. Solanki, Member of Parlianment (LS) and Chairman, Panchmahal Dairy, Godhra had already taken a initiative and contacted the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources, Government of India, New Delhi with the proposal. The MNES had favourably considered the proposal and sanctioned 10 nos. of Solar Photovoltaic Power Generating Systems vide their sanction letter no. 32/66/2000-2001/PV-SEG dated 29/12/2000.

The total cost of the 525 Wp system is approximately Rs. 1.70 lacs, including installation, commissioning, transportation, operation and one-year maintenance and monitoring. The MNES provides a subsidy of Rs 0.85 lacs for the system.

The 10 nos. of systems are installed at the following milk collection centres

S.No. Site Address Taluka District
1 Derol Milk U.S.M.Ltd At. Derol Kalol Panchmahals
2 Kanjari Milk U.S.M.Ltd At. Kanjari Halol Panchmahals
3 Rampura Milk U.S.M.Ltd At. Rampura Godhra Panchmahals
4 Morva Milk U.S.M.Ltd At. Morva Godhra Panchmahals
5 Bagidol Milk U.S.M.Ltd At. Bagidol Godhra Panchmahals
6 Aendra Milk U.S.M.Ltd At. Aendra Santrampur Panchmahals
7 Naroda Milk U.S.M.Ltd At. Naroda Khanpur Panchmahals
8 Vadagam Milk U.S.M.Ltd At. Vadagam Lunavada Panchmahals
9 Palla Milk U.S.M.Ltd At. Palla Lunavada Panchmahals
     10 Untadi Milk U.S.M.Ltd At. Untadi Lunavada Panchmahals


All the systems are found to be performing excellent and the response is overwhelming from the secretary/ president of the Doodh Utpadak Shakari Mandli of these villages. The revenue is also increased. In this context it was informed that in one of the villages some of the milk producers use to submit the milk to the centre when the power failure was there. Thus the measurement of fat etc. was done manually and the milk was manipulated for high fat content, which lead to monetary loss to the collection centres. Now, with the uninterrupted power supply with the help of Solar Photovoltaic Power Generating System such loss do not occur to the milk collection centre and they are able to provide better services. There is tremendous potential for Solar Photovoltaic Power Generating System as there are about 1000 nos. of milk collection centres per district and about 6 District are eager to install this type of Solar Photovoltaic Power Generating System in the State of Gujarat. It is the Doodh Utpadak Shakari Mandli – milk cooperative – a non-profit making organization, which has started the cooperative movement and now want to install Solar Photovoltaic Power Generating System at all milk collection centres.

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