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Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

The state of Gujarat blessed with along coast lined and certain inland areas which have potential for harnessing of Wind energy for power generation. According to the study conducted by the Ministry of Non – Conventional Sources of Energy, the state of Gujarat has a gross potential of 7362 MW of Wind Power.

Wind Farm

About 50 sites in the state have been declared potential for setting up of Windfarms, on the basis of the long term data of Wind speed, collected and analyzed under the aegis of the Ministry of Non Conventional Sources of Energy.

Given the potential of wind power generation in the state, the first demonstration Wind farm project was set up by the Agency in 1986 at the Okha coast followed by few more demonstration Windfarms with an aggregate capacity of 16.295 MW. The satisfactory performance and operation of these demonstration Windfarms, led to an incentive scheme in 1993, declared by the state government for private sector participation in the Wind power generation.

Under the incentive scheme of 1993, a Windfarm capacity of 149.55 MW by the private sector has been established during the period from 1993 to March, 1998.

The state government in June, 2002, has declared the new Wind Power Generation Policy – 2002, for private sector participation, for setting up of the Windfarms. The Government resolution regarding the aforesaid policy and the application from along with the detailed guidelines for the applicants can be downloaded from this site.

Under the Wind Power generation policy – 2002, Windfarm capacity of 220.10 MW has been installed and commissioned, as of November 2006.


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