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Battery Operated Vehicle

Battery Operated Vehicle

Distribution of Battery Operated Vehicles in the state of Gujarat with State Financial Assistance.

Rapid increase of petrol & diesel driven vehicles for urban mobility adds enormous amounts of pollution in the atmosphere endangering the environment. Fast depletion of fossile fuels is also a major concern Worldwide. Utilization of Battery Operated Vehicles for urban mobility in the state of Gujarat have tremendous potential for conservation of petroleum products and are environment friendly too. The Battery Operated Vehicles are known for its merits.

  1. Runs without costly petrol & reduce dependency on Fossile fuels.
  2. Pollution free vehicle & protect environment from hazardous gases.
  3. Eco friendly vehicles.
  4. No noise pollution as runs without noise on the road.
  5. Low speed vehicles (two wheelers, < 25 Km./hr.) are exempted from RTO registration & driving license by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).
  6. Batteries can be easily charged at home with very low power consumption like mobile.

The Ministry of Heavy Industries, Govt. Of India is supporting Battery Operated Vehicles in the country by providing financial support under National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP). However continued and sustained policy, regulatory, fiscal and financial support are required at state level also in the next few decades.

  • Distribution of Battery Operated Vehicles (High & Low speed two wheelers) in the state of Gujarat.

GEDA has successfully implemented scheme of Battery Operated low speed two wheelers in Gandhinagar city & GUDA area with the benefit of state subsidy Rs.10,000/- per vehicle to the students of 8th to 12th std. during year 2015-16 & 2016-17. Looking to the response from the end users, scheme was extended to four major cities of the state i.e. Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat & Rajkot selected/declared as a Smart / Solar / Carbon resilient cities of Gujarat during 2017-18 & it was further extended to entire Gujarat state during 2018-19. Battery Operated two wheelers are under distribution during 2019-20 to the students of 9th standard & above with the benefit of state subsidy of Rs.10,000/- (Payable by DBT on reimbursement basis) per BOV through the dealership network of GEDA authorized manufacturers.

High Speed (> 25 km/hr.) battery operated two wheelers have also been distributed to the students of 12th standard & above having valid driving license under the BOV scheme.

During year 2019-20 Battery Operated Two Wheelers fitted with advance batteries (3 years warranty by manufacturers) only,  & sold by GEDA Authorized Manufacturers are eligible for the State Financial Assistance.


  • Distribution of Battery Operated Three Wheelers (E-rickshaw/E-loader) with State Financial Assistance in Gujarat State


Climate Change Department, Government of Gujarat introduced a scheme of Battery Operated Three Wheelers (E-Rickshaw) during 2018-19. Since E-rickshaws are not very popular among the rickshaw drivers in the state of Gujarat compared to other states, the scheme was introduced with state subsidy for Individuals & for Institutions.


During Year 2019-20 E-rickshaws/E-loaders fitted with advance batteries (2 years warranty by manufacturers) only & sold by GEDA authorized manufacturers are eligible for State Govt. Subsidy of Rs.40,000/- on reimbursement basis by DBT.






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