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150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

Convenient Actions for a Clean-n-Green Gujarat

 As the world witnesses a growth in demand for clean energy, Gujarat recognizes green energy as one of its focus sectors and has thus emerged as a leader of India’s future energy programme.  Gujarat as a state has kept a constant emphasis on mitigation initiatives, exploiting the clean energy and green energy potential, through the promotion of wind and solar energy and a state-wide gas grid. Gujarat is one state which has fully covered the challenges into an opportunity and ranks first in the with maximum carbon credits. And in this  continued effort to combat  environmental degradation and promoting clean energy, the state has received investments worth Rs 61289 crore from 66 MoU signed at the VGGIS 2011 for setting up 7761 MW  power generation projects  in the renewable energy sector.  The summary of the MoU signed are as follows:

Renewable Energy Sector: Investors Beeline, VGGIS 2011
Sr. No Sector MoU signed (No). Capacity
Amount (Rs. In crore) Employment Generation Potential (Nos)
1 Solar Equipment Manufacturing 36 2440 22346 27500
2 Wind Power Generation 28 5071 33576 10142
3 Tidal Power Generation 1 250 5367 2440
4 Electromagnetism 1      
  TOTAL 66 7761 61289 40082


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