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Wind Farm Charges Outstanding Dues

The Invoices and Debit Notes of Outstanding dues for the various charges of Wind Farm for the year 2013-14 to 2016-17 are uploaded in the attached PDF file.

The concerned Wind Farm Owner may download and search their invoices (Ctlr+F) by putting the name of the company in whose name the Wind farm is registered. Same Wind Farm owner may have outstanding dues of more than one financial year. It is therefore required to search for the invoice/s accordingly, as the invoices are prepared separately year wise. The excel sheet showing yearwise outstanding is also enclosed herewith.

The due payment in the form of Demand Draft only be made in favour of “Gujarat Energy Development Agency” payable at Gandhinagar. The Share of Electricity Certificate shall be released on receipt of payment to GEDA.

NOTE: Wind Farm owners are required to check their year-wise outstanding FIRST from below Link, to check which years dues are pending and then download Invoices/Debit notes accordingly for the respective year.

Step:1 For checking year-wise outstanding : Click  here 


Step:2 For Invoices and Debit Notes 1Click Here for financial year 2013-14

                                                           2Click Here for financial year 2014-15

                                                           3. Click Here for financial year 2015-16

                                                           4. Click Here for financial year 2016-17

  Step:3  Send Demand draft of outstanding amount to GEDA

Further, those who have not paid charges for Financial year 2017-18 and 2018-19, please download invoices from below link                

                                                              * Click Here for financial year 2017-18 

                                                              * Click Here For Finacial Year 2018-19


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