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Shri Vijay Rupani, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Gujarat State

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Shri Saurabhbhai Patel, Hon’ble Minister Energy, Gujarat State

Bio Energy

The conventional resources of energy such as fuel oil, gas and coal are finite and are already depleting very rapidly. Being our country an agricultural one and more than 70 % of the Indian Population living  in the villages , about 80% of their energy need is for domestic purpose (i.e. for cooking, lighting, water pumping etc. ) is fulfilled by non commercial sources of energy like cow dung, firewood, agricultural waste etc.  

Also with the rapid urbanization & industrialization, a sector of industries dealing with the raw material / waste material has come up in the past few years. This sector comprising  of  the  industries i.e. Agro –food  processing industries , Pulp & paper manufacturing , edible & non edible oil exploring units , sugar industries etc. are the main contributor of the organic waste  generation in addition the urban waste  in  the country.

The above wide range of industrial, urban & agricultural & crop residues and animal dung etc waste is proved to be the best and effective source of energy generation. The energy produced from such bio-mass or organic waste is well known as BIO-ENERGY.

Bio-energy Activities of GEDA

  • Biomass Gasification – Producer gas (Co)
    • Thermal Application
    • Power Generation
    • Grid /off grid Connected Power Generation
    • Captive  Power Generation
  • Biomass Combustion for Power Generation
    • Grid connected
    • Captive power generation
  • Institutional Bio-gas Plant Programme – Methane (CH4)
    • Cooking
    • Captive Power Generation
  • Waste to Energy
    • Urban & Industrial Waste
      • Waste to Fuel
      • Fuel to Power
        • Grid Connected
        • Captive  Power Generation
    • Municipal waste
      • Waste to Fuel Production
      • Waste to power

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